Griiiiiiiiiilled Cheeeeeeeesee! My Teen’s COLLEGE Essay – Teen Apocalypto – Ep10

It’s said that high school goes by in the blink of an eye but how prepared are you and your teen for what comes next? Join us as we welcome back Christi Anderson, a high school academic advisor and councilor in Los Angeles, to help us make sense of what comes next and what happens as we and our teens stare at the fork in the road. It’s hard to keep our opinions as parents on the back burner as our teens navigate this leap into independence and adulthood.    Can you resist being the helicopter parent? Join us for an honest discussion with Christi and hopefully pick up some great insights as we approach this important decision in our teens lives. And find out what Connor and Scarlett think about the future.

College, Work, Gap Years…Oh, My!


Anthony ONeal

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