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Join Kiersten Warren and Stacy Halbach each week for a new podcast episode discussing anything and everything that revolves around raising teenagers with back-up from expert guests in the education field, councilors, fellow parents and the list goes on.  Oh, Scarlett and Connor hop on the mic to give their opinions from the trenches of high school.

MESSY A** TEENS & COMMON SENSE – Teen Apocalypto Ep. 8

Since Stay-At-Home orders came down due to COVID-19 we are spending more time than ever with our kids. This episode of TEEN APOCALYPTO will have you questioning Takis, doing handstands and wondering what exactly are your teens watching.   We’ll dive into the mess...

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TEENS, Dealing with Death & Grief – Teen Apocalypto Ep.7

A Classmate, Kobe Bryant, the Saugus High School shooting – Now COVID-19 This episode is preceded by a quick conversation with Kiersten and Stacy amid the current COVID-19 crisis. Many topics in the episode were the precursors before the pandemic hit but the words...

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You think you have stress? Try being a teen in today’s world. Social media, social life, and social studies. It’s more than enough to stress you out. With academics, athletics, clubs and a push for high testing scores in schools, its no wonder that...

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