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Teen Apocalypto is hosted by Kiersten Warren and Stacy Halbach with commentary by their opinionated teens, Scarlett and Connor. Nothing is off limits.

Have you ever wanted an inside track to the teenage mind? Are you ready for a healthy dose of teen speak with a side of smart-ass? If so, then this is the podcast for you.

Join the ladies each week for a new podcast episode where they discuss anything and everything that revolves around the teenage life. Get great advice from expert guests in the education field, councilors, and fellow parents. The list of resources is endless.

It’s a supernova of enlightenment!

Meet The Hosts

Kiersten Warren

Kiersten Warren

Kiersten Warren is an actor, writer and a dedicated poetic irreverent observer.

Despite her decades long professional career she’s most proud of being a wife to actor Kirk Acevedo, and mother to her two daughters, Misti and Scarlett.

In her free time she buys clothes she cannot afford for parties she’s not invited to.

Stacy Halbach

Stacy Halbach

Stacy Halbach is an LA transplant from Charlotesville, Virginia.

Working in the post production world of television for the last 22 years she’s encountered many varied and eclectic personalities but none so mysterious as the teenage being known as Connor.

Now her days are filled with the timeless classics of teendome: “Maybe”, “Fine”, “Good”,  “I forget”, and everyone’s favorite, “I don’t know”.

Scarlett James Acevedo

Scarlett James Acevedo

Scarlett Acevedo is the child of two actors so acting up is in her nature. Her older sister has described her as, “Never bad but always naughty.”

She’s an accomplished artist and high school student in the tenth grade. She’s just as comfortable watching cartoons as she is giving you the world-weary advice of a 40-year-old divorcee.

Google could go dark and we’d all be okay, because Scarlett knows everything.

Connor James Baldwin

Connor James Baldwin

Connor Baldwin is the son of a television editor and camera operator in LA. He’s navigated life so far with a panorama lens in viewing the world and a quick sarcastic whit to get him through most situations. And if that doesn’t work there’s always that HAIR.

Connor enjoys living a life of gaming, Kung Fu, burgers, playing the tenor sax, school and, oh yeah…

Not being annoyed by his parents.

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